Born in Japan, Yuko Royston lives in Palos Verdes, California. She studied literature and counseling psychology in two colleges. Life experiences such as marriage, loss of family members, having and raising children, working, as well as going through emotional, mental and physical challenges created intense urge to do something. Something to change the ways she felt about herself, something to fill a dark cold hole in her soul.  Something to give wings to her inner voices.  

Creating process was always part of her life. She watched her father to build various things as a child. So she bought a few (well, a few from artist's standard) paints, craft supplies and tools. Who would imagine a tired mom could completely lost in the process for hours after kids' bedtime! Since then, over days and nights, countless hours are spent to learn and experiment different mediums. It became clear to her that art is not just a thing to occupy a part of life, but is a way of living. 

In 2012, she decided to participate in some local art shows as a commitment herself to art making and has never looked back.

She is intrigued by humanity matters and finds inspiration in stories and ordinary life moments as this quote beautifully says

 "What is art?" "Let me ask you, what is not?"  -Unknown-


The power of art is that it not only unfolds the beauty within the individual but also helps to pay attention to your authentic inner voices.

It can transform the shadows such as fear, self-doubt, and other causes for insecurity into acceptance, courage and hopes with simple yet incredible gifts we are all given. Our hands and imagination.

Her works span multiple mediums including painting, drawing, encaustic painting and assemblage. She has been involved with local schools and organizations to promote art education for children.