Artist Statement

I develop each work based on a specific message or a story. Each piece is a raw, imperfect, and authentic personal life log. Art making did not only shed a powerful yet warm light on the emotional, mental, and spiritual oblivion I had lived in, but also has been raising me to become an authentic self. My works portrays human conditions. I try to create a piece that evokes a viewer's own emotions. 

I am a self-taught artist. My sources include numerous workshops, online courses, and local art classes. However, my college studies in literature and psychology continuously cast an impact on my curiosity of human nature.

In the last few years, my inspiration came from Antoni Tapies, Cy Thombly, and many other activists who tried to make this world a better place.


The mediums I use include acrylics, charcoals, inks, oils, pastels, encaustics, and old magazines.


When I paint, I often start with mark making. With portraits, the narrative has to come first. In order to build the layers, I repeat pasting and stripping the paper and applying the paints as well as removing the paints. During this process, the image slowly emerges itself to guide the rest.


My simple yet sincere goal is to speak to the soul of the viewer and to evoke unique inner voice or story. A long term goal is to create a space where people can experience healing via art making or simply come to feel peace.